Who Am I?

Who am I?

Well you already know my name. I'm a 21 year old Programmer, Front-end Developer & Gamer from the United Kingdom. I use those 3 headings, not because they're my only traits but because this is what I spend a large proportion of my life doing. I'm currently working for a company called QuickByDesign as a Programmer (which also covers website building and Front-end developing).

In my free time, I love gaming and talking to my friends online. I've built up a community of people who I speak to on a regular basis. I also like to stream when I get enough free time in the evenings where I'll play some games for people to watch and I find this really fun.


I've been writing code for some years now and over time, I've learned quite a few languages such as PHP, ASP, HTML, CSS & Javascript. I started by learning HTML from one of my parents when I was a lot younger and the ability to create websites from scratch amazed me. From here, I actually dropped website development and started working in NodeJS writing IRC bots. I later challenged myself to learn PHP in which I wrote many basic websites using databases and flat files; I even wrote a few IRC bots using this language and one still exists today.

Once I started working at QuickByDesign, I started focusing on ASP, HTML, CSS and Javascript which are the main languages we program in. Take a look at my portfolio below for some examples of my work.

The Future

So I guess this is the section where I talk about where I see myself in the years to come. I think I've found the right career path to follow for me; I love working on websites and developing web solutions. I'd like to start learning some new languages such as C++ & Java as they'll allow me to follow new routes in the industry.

Another one of my hobbies is to maintain Linux servers, which I currently use for hosting all of my personal websites (such as this one). I want to start exploring other distros of Linux and work on running faster and more services.

Some of my work!

I spend a lot of time making sure my work looks perfect. Below are some of the fine examples of things I've done!

QuickByDesign Website

This is our website at work! I was the one who built this as well as giving some input into the design.

Check it out!

BB Window Cleaning Services

This is a website I built for my Father's business. I had to ensure this works perfectly on all devices as most of his customers access this website from their mobile phones.

Check it out!


I like to think I have some knowledge when it comes to taking pictures. What do you think?